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Global Name Recognition Software in E-Discovery

The United States is a great melting pot of a multi-cultural world which is often reflected in the names of people who live and transact business there. Diversity of cultures in the US has manifested in a diversity of names that have not fit squarely in the "western" or "roman" first name, middle name, surname paradigm.

The lack of consistency of people "names" creates challenges in electronic investigations and e-discovery.

For example, there can be multiple variations of the same individual's name across Asia or the Middle East. If you introduce misspellings the global name recognition problem is compounded.

How do you analyze in an automated fashion huge amounts of data to identify an individual if you do not know all the multi-cultural keywords or name variations for a particular individual?

IBM has an answer and it offers a cross platform suite of AI software for Global Name Recognition  consisting at its core Global Name Management, Global Name Scoring, and Global Name Analytics. The IBM Global Name Recognition software uses over 20 years of linguistic research and analysis and provides robust information for given "input" foreign names including cultural classification, gender, and possible alternative westernized spellings.

In addition IBM's Global Name Recognition software helps discern spelling errors, provides for a huge multi-cultural knowledgebase, and ranks search results amongst other things.

In this connected world it would be wise for the electronic investigator and e-discovery attorney to have access to global name recognition software to save investigation time and money and to increase accuracy.

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