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CT Summation is perhaps the most well rounded electronic discovery and litigation case analysis software currently on the market. Summation imports various file formats like Outlook emails and other "documents" and then allows you to integrate the key documents into a case outline. Summation includes an e-discovery loader that will allow you to directly import PST files which you can then view in native format. Summation also has what they call a “petrification” tool that allows you to turn those Outlook PSTs into graphic files for redaction and Bates stamping. But here is where Summation really shines as it integrates a robust outlining tool called the Case Organizer that allows you to input your claims and defenses and then tag and link different exhibits, documents, or transcript excerpts. You can find this Case Organizer paradigm through competitive products like CaseMap which has more robust features in that one area but no one software product seems to integrate e-discovery, file conversion, tagging, and case analysis like Summation.

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