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Satellite GPS Digital Cameras and Electronic Evidence

Combining the power of satellite global positioning system (GPS) technology and 8 megapixel digital picture quality Ricoh has created a useful camera device for electronic evidence field investigators.

There are many times during the course of gathering electronic evidence that a field investigator needs to solidify the "chain of custody." One of these steps usually includes taking before and after photographs of the "target" computer system where data was gathered - in essence to support, amongst other things, later testimony on the identification and location of the target system.

Now, those involved in gathering electronic evidence and chain of custody data have a new friend, a satellite GPS capable digital camera known as the Ricoh 500SE  which will record the latitude and longitude where each photo was snapped, along with the date and time, and log it along with the photo metadata in real time. The Ricoh 500SE also contains a GPSlock feature allowing it to record the location of the target being photographed as opposed to the location of the camera.

The Ricoh 500SE can send digital pictures and related data to other devices using bluetooth technology.

You can certainly see a scenario in Court where the digital photos and related GPS data are superimposed on top of a map providing for an impressive summary display of an electronic evidence investigation.

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